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If you are a carrier/freight forwarder/exporter/importer – develop your business and we will take care of your customs formalities, we will provide support with deliveries, distribution and accounting. No matter whether your goods are for private use, or you buy them for commercial purposes, import of goods can be a profitable and extremely exciting way of purchasing various products. Customs clearance however, is a complicated issue, and if it is not done correctly it may result in additional fees or delays.

In DTA we have the experience and expertise, and we know what to do in order to provide appropriate support in all customs-related issues. No matter what your country of origin is, no matter what your destination is, DTA is here to help organise all your processes.

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In the United Kingdom:

  • IMPORT – our branch in UK can take care of the customs clearance. It will be necessary if you buy your goods overseas and would like to bring them to GB and sell here.
  • EXPORT – if you have goods to be sent out of the United Kingdom, export customs clearance will be necessary. We will organize everything it takes for your goods to leave the Britain problem-free, and reach your buyer without any delays.
  • TRANSIT – we have our own transit guarantee, and we organize all the formalities to allow your goods simply move. Transit is required if your goods are passing more than 1 border before they reach destination. GVMS, ENS/EXS, IPFASS – sounds strange – we know all about it and happy to help if you require any of these services.


One contact with DTA – all the above-mentioned formalities are done outside of UK as well and in addition: In Poland, EU and other countries an extended network of our own branches of customs agencies, an experienced team of customs agents – that is a guarantee that all customs formalities are proceeded well, and in the shortest time possible.

You can also use our warehouses not only to store your goods but also as bonded warehouse. Having our warehouses in the centre of Europe and in the hart of England we can offer perfect hub for distribution and e-commerce.

Please contact us – we speak English and Polish.


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