Partnership with DTA allows you peace of mind when making business with the EU, Ukraine and China

We offer comprehensiveness in purchasing or selling overseas - customs & logistics all with one click.


Working with latest customs system CDS, we offer all types of import clearances in various ports all over the UK. We offer customs clearance to all standard imports and special import procedures: temporary imports, inwards processing, imports by private person.

Our team offers personalized solution and preparations for proceeding import in the correct customs manner as well as arranging payment of duty to HMRC.

Our team will guide you through the whole process and offer the solution best suited for your business. We also provide services for agriculture, food, animal-related imports to the UK, helping with IPAFFS pre-notification.


Our team handles a wide range of export procedures: permanent export, temporary export and special procedure like outward processing.

At DTA, we guarantee a professional and quick service as we value our clients’ time.


Transits are required when shipping goods from the UK to other countries within the EU, where there will be more than 1 border on route.

We can provide Transit services as transit procedure requires customs guarantee; covering customs debt for the duration of cargo/goods in transit, that we have.


Safety import and export declarations Required for goods entering and leaving the UK.


Goods Vehicle Movement Service allows control of movement of goods through the UK border. We can help you with generating GMR for your movement.


System that controls movement of live animals, plants and products of animal origin through the UK border. Every trader bringing these goods to the UK are obliged to submit a pre-notification to IPAFFS. As a customs agency, we can proceed that on your behalf with a relevant authorization.

Logistics, Warehousing, Accounting

We realise that customs clearance is only one of the elements of import or export of goods, and so we cooperate with numerous partners on daily basis to extend our range of services.

Thanks to that we can offer our customers comprehensive services in the area of transport, customs clearance, accounting and warehousing. We permanently cooperate with many hauliers and transport companies in UK and EU.

Many of them are trying to support their customers in completing all the customs formalities.

DTA Group helps carriers in preparation of customs clearances, finding and implementing the best solutions for their customers. If you need any support in the area of accounting in the UK, including VAT registration in the UK, we strongly recommend our official partner SN Accounts ( The company has been operating on the British market for over 10 years, and is one of the mostly recognised Polish accounting offices in the UK. SN Accounts not only offer full accounting on the territory of the United Kingdom, but also VAT registration in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Austria and the Netherlands.

If you, however, need to warehouse your goods, or you want to take advantage of the full-service option for your orders (packing, labelling and transport) on the territory of the United Kingdom – we recommend Back2UK ( The warehouse is located in centre of England and serves the whole of the UK.

Please note that the Consignor (Exporter) and the Consignee (Importer) will need to research and are fully aware of their responsibilities regarding licenses, certificates and regulations for the goods being exported and imported. A submission of full information needs to be provided to DTA by the Consignor, the Consignee, and the Transport Company.


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